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v5 now has a working overlay prototype!

also v5 now has a project name: “project solrock” (random pokemon name = project name lol)

the hardest part of building project solrock now has a working prototype! sending data from our Python processor over to the new Next.js frontend app is successfully working.

what this means for streamers? no more programs on your computer! no more python installs, environment variables, simpleaudio downloads, dev tools installs, none!

the biggest pain point for streamers with v3 was just setting up the software on their computer, adding Python to path, the “big red” simpleaudio error, and more have all been frequent problems with the old program.

and safe to say, i did not really expect all of these errors with install! the v3 architecture was meant to be set up by me for every streamer planning to use it, now obviously this isn’t possible anymore because of the new scale of the program.

eliminating local software is the biggest goal of project solrock, because that was the biggest issue of v3.

anyways, here’s a video of the overlay working! using a random audio file off my computer lol


again, thank you all for subscribing to the mailing list, i know emails are annoying but my plan is to not do that many emails so yeah!

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